“The money is in the list.”

Believe it or not, this STILL holds true today. Now more than ever, people are accessing Email throughout the day on their mobile devices. (I’ll admit, I’m one of them.)

If you want to be successful online, you MUST start building your Email list.

Here are the steps (in a nutshell):

1. Create a landing/squeeze page (or pay someone at $5 to create it for you) through which you offer a FREE tool, eBook, software, tips, etc…, in exchange for their Email address. I have found Optimize Press to be fairly simple and the pages look professional.

2. Connect your landing page to an autoresponder campaign, where your first message delivers what you promised to give your subscribers. Get Response is very easy autoresponder to use and costs only $15/month.

Or, the least expensive Landing Page Creator + Autoresponder I have found is at For only $10/month, you can use BOTH of these tools AND you will be entered into a matrix by which you will earn monthly passive income as new members join the matrix after you.

3. Follow up with your subscribers with VALUABLE CONTENT that will help them solve a problem.

Send at least THREE messages that contain ONLY valuable content for every ONE message that contains an affiliate offer. In doing this, you will build trust with your subscribers, you will become a leader in your niche, and you will retain your subscribers. The longer they stay on your list, the better chance they will buy one or more of your offers!

4. At,, and, you can find one or more valuable and related affiliate products that will help your subscribers solve their problem. Remember, send three content-only messages, for every one message that contains your affiliate offer.

Hope this helps. Now get started with your Email campaign!